Step 1. install DD-WRT

The whole detail can refer to Netgear_R6300v2

Step 2. open ssh for DD-WRT and set no_crossdetect is true

  1. connect to your router and set sshd enabled.

  2. go to telnet/ssh console and type nvram set no_crossdetect=1 nvram commit

refer:Would like ability to turn off “Cross Site Action detected” error

note: the feature is introduced in r14962. to prevent bad configs , i will not implement it as gui configurable feature.

Step 3. install astrill vpn

  1. login your astrill account,if you have no astrill account ,you need reg one first.

  2. go router setup and select your firmware as DD-WRT and edit your router ip.

  3. click install button,and the astrill code will install to your dd-wrt router system.

Step 4. configure astrill

  1. login to your router

  2. select the status tab and then click MyPage tab,and it will in astrill configure page